Fiona Giltjes
Civil Marriage Celebrant


A significant rite of passage, deciding to marry is an important step in life.  Apart from the romance and the promise of a happy and fulfilling life together, marriage is a legal state.



Naming Ceremony

The acknowledgement of a new life in our midst is an important and ancient custom that Fiona can help to make a memorable day for everyone. A wonderful celebration that can involve many family and friends and those you would like to take an active part in the upbringing of your child.



Renewal of Vows

Special milestones, new beginnings and the further strengthening of a bond are at the essence of a Renewal of Vows. A time created to pause for thought and in the acknowledgement of a special relationship. Fiona would love to be of assistance in creating this significant occasion for you.



Love Commitment Ceremony

The love of another person and a pledge to commit to them faithfully is an offer of true commitment. Fiona can assist you with the inspiration and materials to create an occasion of beautiful celebration.